685 North James Rd | Columbus, OH 43219 | (614) 859-MAKE

Hours & Events

Monday: 5pm-10pm

Tuesday: 5pm-10pm

Wednesday: 5pm-10pm

Thursday: 5pm-10pm

Friday: 5pm-10pm

Saturday: 2pm-8pm

Sunday: 2pm-6pm

Build your dreams

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Cloudhaus strives to be a community center for the creative.

Would you rather make gifts for friends and family, instead of buying them? Have you ever seen a product at the store and thought "I could make that?" Do you have a great idea for something, but just don't have the tools to make your dream a reality? If you have ever felt the burning desire to make something, anything, you are not alone.

Cloudhaus exists to be a community center for the most talented DIY'ers in central Columbus. With the tools and space we provide, our members make some amazing things. So can you.