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How much is a membership?

A basic membership is currently $35 a month. Additional membership plans will be added at a later time. More information can be found on our pricing Pricing & Dues page.

Are there any cheaper membership plans?

At this time, no. As Cloudhaus grows and expands we will be introducing additional membership plans.

I have a membership, when can I come to Cloudhaus?

In order to keep our membership prices low, we are required to have a staff member on duty any time a member is on premises. Staff members will be on duty Monday through Saturday, 5PM-10PM.

I don't have a membership, can I have a tour?

Of course! Contact us at info@cloudhaus.org to schedule a tour.

Can you make something for me?

Unfortunately Cloudhaus does not access commission work. That being said, our members are welcome and encouraged to take on commission work! Contact info@cloudhaus.org and we will try to find someone to help you out.

Can my friend/mother/brother/etc. come visit?

Maybe! Whiel only trained members in good standing are allowed to use tools, we encourage family and friends to come visit. All we ask is that you give us a heads up by contacting info@cloudhaus.org first.

Can I take tools home?

Tools at Cloudhaus are not leave the premises under any circumstances.

Can I store projects that I'm working on at Cloudhaus?

Small project storage can be accommodated as needed. Speak with a staff member for more information.

What tools are available at Cloudhaus?

All kinds! See our Tools Page for a full list.

Will you buy a tool I need? / Why doesn't Cloudhaus have a tool?

We prioritize our tool purchases based on the demand that we see from our members. If we see a large demand for a tool, we'll do our best to get it! We also plan on providing our members with a way to crowdfund tools in the future. In the meantime, contact info@cloudhaus.org for more information, or try posting something to our Mailing List

My question isn't listed here!

Oh no! info@cloudhaus.org and we'll do our best to get you an answer!