685 North James Rd | Columbus, OH 43219 | (614) 859-MAKE

Code of Conduct

These are the rules that all members agree to abide by:
  1. Respect all people, equipment and space.
  2. Adhere to the following dress code:
    • FOOTWEAR Steel toe boots are recommended. Soft soles and stable platforms provide the most secure footing. No high heels or open-toed shoes.
    • CLOTHING Nothing on your person should hang away from the body. Long pants will protect you from debris and are highly recommended.
    • JEWELRY Studs on the ears and face are fine. Bracelets, rings, necklaces, and watches should be avoided.
  3. Clean up after yourself.
  4. Notify staff of any problem with the facility, machines, or other members in the space as soon as you notice them.
  5. Do not attempt maintenance or repair work on running equipment.
  6. Do not use equipment you are not authorized to use, trained on, and comfortable using.
  7. Do not operate heavy machines if you are the only person in the space.
  8. Immediately obtain first aid for any injury and report to shop managers. When determining the severity of the injury, always err on the side of caution.
  9. No one under 18 allowed to use any power equipment
  10. Do not leave machines running unattended.
  11. Do not attempt to stop running equipment with any part of your body.
  12. Be aware of all equipment around you, especially moving parts.
  13. Check that all pieces and tooling are properly secured before operating equipment.
  14. Remove all chuck keys, wrenches, and other tools from the machinery after making adjustments.
  15. Work with a partner when appropriate–do not try to move heavy objects nor support heavy pieces by yourself.
  16. Properly prepare stock before use. Store stock in a respectful manner.
  17. Only one person should be operating a machine at a time.
  18. The social lounge area is for sitting and talking and eating. Do not do these things at the machines.
  19. Ensure that you are working in a properly lit space.
  20. Work at your own pace.
  21. Pay attention to the machinery. Something that does not feel or sound right is likely not working right.
  22. Report any lost keys to the space, tools, or machinery immediately.
  23. Keep floors clean–any spills should be cleaned in an appropriate manner immediately.
  24. Stow materials, tools, and scrap appropriately. Do not pose a tripping hazard or put tools at risk for damage.
  25. Always leave ample time to clean up when you are finished.