Sandblasting Station

file Central Pneumatic blast cabinet Manual

Typical Uses

The Sandblasting station is typically used in conjunction with the Vinyl Cutter to etch a design in wood, glass, or other soft medium.

The sandblasting station has three basic parts

  • The Chamber
  • The medium hopper
  • The blasting nozzle

Before using the Station

  • have proper breathing protection
  • make sure the blasting nozzle is properly connected to the blast medium hopper
  • make sure the blast medium hopper is properly connected to the Ventilation Room’s Air compressor
  • ensure you work piece is in the chamber, and the chamber is reasonably sealed.
  • make sure there is plenty of blasting medium in the medium hopper
    • If at all possible avoid removing the hopper cover - not all sand blasting mediums are Silica free and can be a potential cause of Silicosis
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